I´m Fernando Armenghol photographer behind the Love Stories.

I grew up in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico. I studied a degree in Graphic Design and later studied a degree in Digital Design. Currently, I share my time between two magnificent cities: Oaxaca and Puebla. Where I work with
photographic art projects, personal and business. Early in my career, I focused autodidact in the world of photography and later formalized my studies at the Center for Audiovisual Training F / 64 Canon, Puebla, Mexico. I started working as a designer in design and architecture firms; at the same time as a photographer in civil organizations, local magazines and publications.

The spark of wedding photography began in me when I photographed the wedding of some friends. It was my first experience and it all came in a natural way through curiosity. I must confess it was not easy, but it really was a great adventure fun, exhausting, but ultimately incredible and unforgettable.

I love weddings not only by the creative freedom I have as a photographer, but also because through the weddings I realize that photography can become the witness of the essence of human emotions. When I take pictures of a nuptials, I tell you a story … a visual narrative of moments occurred. Everything has a why and a particular spark. I love to have fun and learn, as each “click” gives me the opportunity to be a better photographer, best professional and better human being.

I present to you Amore Stories, a project that has been working on love stories for more than 15 years.
My photography proposal is focused on alternative couples looking for creative and special images.
I want to be there to capture the best moments of your love story.

Your trust in me is a treasure that I value very much. It will be a real pleasure to have you in front of my camera soon. Thanks for giving me a look. FA

Personal work Instagram: bien_deojo